Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

We have a family trip coming up soon so I've been researching ideas for car travel with kids. We have a long car ride ahead of us so I really needed some ideas.
I came across this website:
I'm so impressed. They have all kinds of printable games for free. They look like they will work for various ages and they're FREE!
I also came across a suggestion about buying a polaroid- Izone mini camera. The camera costs $25. The film is sticky on the back side and it prints out immediately. The pictures are mini and
then the kids can take some pictures and I'll buy them a journal and they can document their trip with their own pictures. The film is kind of expensive so we won't be taking all kinds of pictures but I think that's a great way for them to feel involved in the trip and it takes time for them to print so it'll use up some time as well.
If you want to check out other great hints go to Shannon's.

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Andie said...

We're leaving for a LONG trip this weekend...thanks for the ideas! I will go check out this website!
One thing we do is wait unti about 5:00 to leave. We leave in the afternoon, drive for a few hours, then stop for supper. After supper they get to watch one DVD, then it's bedtime. My kids are great at sleeping in the car! Hubby also sleeps, and I drive the night shift. I checkout books on CD from the library and plug in the headphones. Everyone sleeps in silence while I listen to a great story all night. We usually stop around 5 in the morning for breakfast and a break, then hubby drives the remainder of the trip while I catch a few zzzzs.
PS...you are going to Mt. Rushmore in SD, we are heading to ND to visit family! Have an awesome trip!!!