Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers Day

It was a nice Father's Day today. For dinner we had bbq chicken- everyone loved it! The girls picked out a shirt for Mark and it was a success. He really liked it. I forgot that I was going to get him a fertilizer spreader that he wanted but he was still happy with the shirt.
The kids spent time in the pool- they have really become water rats. They are constantly in there- that's great- good exercise and fresh air = tired kids at night.
I hope someday when the kids are grown they appreciate the dad God has blessed them with. He loves them dearly and although no father is perfect- he does a great job!
Happy Fathers Day !


Laura said...

That's a cute picture!
He definitely is a very good dad. I know they'll appreciate it - especially when they're older.

Mari said...

Nice picture. Like Laura said - I'm sure the kids will appreciate him. We sure appreciate our Dad more now than we did when we were young!