Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The field trip

Last week was the Arianna's field trip that Mark went along on. Here were some of the highlights for Mark:
At the Museum the parents that went along were assigned groups of kids to be in charge of. Mark got 5 kids in his group: Tyler- the naughtiest boy in the class and ???(I'd rather not name the name-it's not Arianna- most of you will figure it out when you look at the pictures of his group) the naughtiest girl in the class and 3 others- he was so excited about his group!!!
Just to prove the point the teacher had to bring Tyler back to the group once- and the girl for sure had her wheaties and her energy was not lacking!
After the museum they went to the park. It went fine there but there were 3 other schools there so it was hard to keep track of everyone- it was also "very hot" in Mark's words so you know it was VERY HOT!!
Mark was on call that night for work and he had the work cell phone with him. Much to his dismay on the way to the park he realized it was missing. He got home and called and they still hadn't found it so he took off down there and walked right to where he thought it was and found it- very much to his relief!
Arianna had a great time so that's what counts- Nick had a good time on his adventure that day also and didn't even get burned!
Here's some pictures for you:
Arianna and Meghan at the Museum

Mark's group of kids

Arianna at one of the interactive displays

Arianna and if you look closely- her best friend Lisa- seeking shelter from the sun


Laura said...

Looks like they had fun! (Maybe not Mark quite as much as the rest...) :)

Anna looks like she got a little sun though!

Mari said...

Looks like a good day - I love father daughter bonding! Bob went on this trip with Heather. He had girls who only wanted to go to the gift store at the museum. Keep in mind, how much Bob loves museums and hates shopping!

Anonymous said...
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