Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Help for the dreaded Christmas Card

Well for me it’s getting to be that somewhat dreaded time of year again- no not the Holiday’s-but time to send out Christmas cards! I don’t know why- but it’s something that I don’t particularly enjoy.
Last year though I did something different and it drastically helped! I ordered photo cards from Shutterfly. I used to spend a lot of time picking out the right card and then have to print out pictures to include in the card. Not only was that costly- it took more time. I don’t know about you- but during the Holiday time- I’m busy enough so anything to help in that department is greatly appreciated in my book!
I went by Shutterfly’s website the other day to check out what they have to offer this year and I was so happy with what I saw! They have so many choices for photo cards- you can pick from 1-2 or 3 pictures to have on your card. They are so fun to look through and play around with.
There were 4 things on their site that caught my eye:
They have photo calendars. I think those would be such a fun gift to give to Grandparents. I can just imagine how fun it would be to see those cute little faces on your wall every day!
Here’s a link to check them out for yourself :
They also have Thanksgiving Cards. I’m hearing of more people that are doing this instead of Christmas cards. Here’s the link for them:
Another thing was Christmas invitations. I think it would be really nice to have beautiful invitations for your family. You can see them here:
The other thing is regular Christmas cards. They truly are beautiful and have so many options to choose from. There is something for everyone and every kind of card you could possibly want. Here’s the link to that:
I’m going to find it hard to pick just one design but I’m sure going to have fun doing it!
Check them out for yourselves!

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