Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hard at work

Nicks job in the summer is to take care of the garden. Yesterday he ended up getting some help weeding. Mark told him he needed to get a couple of rows of beans done yesterday since we're gone next week. The girls came out and helped and then I came out to check on them and I did the row of onions. They did 4 rows of beans and Arianna stayed out and did the rest of the beans. The first row she did I thought I was watching her but then all of a sudden I came back from my onions and saw that she made the job of picking beans SO much easier for Nick later on. There were only about 6 plants left in the first half of the row! She felt so bad but I told her it was OK- that's how you learn and Nick was quite happy about it. She did great after that.
I remember well being young in the summer time and waking up each morning and finding my list of chores for the day. It's kind of nice not to have to do "those" chores anymore- that is why I had kids you know!!!! Just kidding.


Laura said...

Beans do look a little weedish at times - that's understandable. And now she'll know.
But if they need any more practice, they can gladly come over and I'll be able to show them many different varieties of weeds! :)
It's nice that Nick has such nice sisters to help him!

Mari said...

Your garden is looking great - it's growing good and looks quite weed free. Tell them they did good and it was nice of the girls to help.