Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A little landscaping

We discovered we had a new tree in our landscaping in the backyard last year. We let it be over the winter and the time came last night to transplant it to a better location. We moved it to the front yard where we've wanted a tree for quite some time. We have tried 2 other trees with no success. This tree at least didn't cost us anything as it grew on it's own. We would be so happy if this tree survived the move and did well.
Here's the tree where it started:

Here's the finished product (I took the picture before we staked it up to support it-it looks better all on it's own)- what do you think?


Laura said...

Cool! It looks nice there. It will be nice when it grows big and strong.

I see some other pots down in the first picture - what else did you plant?

Terri said...

Looks good. Hope this one works for you!

Mari said...

It looks nice there - hopefully it will stay alive! What kind of a tree is it?