Thursday, June 07, 2007

What a night!

I have the best husband in the world! I'll back up and explain and I'm sure you'll all agree.
I woke up around 1:00 this morning hearing strange noises. They seemed to be coming from the basement so after hearing them for awhile I finally went downstairs around 2:00 to see if I could find out what it was. I couldn't find anything but I still heard them. Every time I would fall asleep it would wake me up again. I was still awake around 3 when his alarm went off (yes I said his alarm went off at 3!)
I told him good I'm glad you're awake- I keep hearing noises and I think we have an animal in our furnace. He listened for awhile and it was every time the wind blew. He figured out it was a branch or something brushing up against the air conditioner.
Phew- at least we don't have an animal stuck somewhere.
So I finally fall asleep around 3:30. I'm sleeping nicely and then I'm woken up by Mark running into the room telling me Nick just threw up downstairs.
He made it to the bathroom but not to the toilet.
Mark and I are looking at each other wondering who's going to clean it up.
I'm telling him- I can't I will throw up myself- (and I would!) so my wonderful husband went and started cleaning it up. Now they say you have to have humor in a good marriage and we do because let me tell you- I went down to at least offer moral support and we were both laughing almost hysterically (fatigue was probably playing a part in this!). Mark would go in the bathroom and come running out gagging himself. I'm telling him- don't you dare puke out here because it's carpet.
As of 8:30 this morning poor Nick has thrown up 6 times and has diarrhea too! To add insult to injury- he was supposed to spend the night at a friends house today and that's not going to happen now.
I can't believe this garbage is going around and it's JUNE!!!!!
Please, please don't let any of the rest of us get this!


Laura said...

Poor Nick! That's miserable!
I hope he feels better soon. And yes, you do have a good husband!
(he's a great uncle too!)

Brenda said...

Bless Mark!! What a guy!!

So sorry to hear that Nick is sick.

Praying he feels better quickly and that no one else gets it!!!

Mari said...

Hope he's feeling better by now. (and hope the rest of you don't get it!) 3 cheers for Mark