Thursday, June 14, 2007

Anyone REALLY hungry?

OK by now you've heard me talk about how much my daycare kids eat. I decided to prove my point. Here is what was packed for my 3 year old daycare child for lunch yesterday.

So in the picture you will find the folllowing:
2 sandwiches- made with 2 pieces of bread each, 2 pieces of bologna each
1 banana
1 tray of chips and cheese
1 bag of cheese curls

Now keep in mind that this was JUST for lunch and there was also an applesauce and cookies for snack 2 hours later. Wednesdays are my short days and I have them from 11:30 till about 5:00. Can you imagine eating all that in that short time span?!?!
What really kills me is that this was for a 3 year old! I'm glad my kids don't eat that much- I'd go broke in a heartbeat!


Terri said...

It's ridiculous. There is no reason they need to eat so much.

FYI - I tagged you

Laura said...

What in the world! Are you serious! That's about how much I pack Aaron for lunch and he's a grown man working hard on his feet all day. And that's all he eats from the time he leaves in the morning until dinner at night. Are they actually hungry for that much or is she just making them eat all that.
Wow. That is insane!

Mari said...

I am glad I don't pay their grocery bill. That is way more than Bob eats. I wonder what her husbands lunch consists of.

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. I can't believe anyone would pack that much food for a little one. My two year old must be malnourished in their eyes!