Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Roomate

This snapper turtle showed up in Macks kennel yesterday. We had to get him out so Mark got that pleasant job. I promise no turtle were harmed in the filming of this video! He ended up going under the barn. Thank goodness Mack wasn't in the kennel when he came in- he was a mean turtle- how would you like that for a room mate??


Terri said...

Those turtles can be so mean. Good thing Mack wasn't in there. He could be pretty sore.

Mari said...

I think Mack may have had a sore nose. That turtle is quick!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness! He does look mean - but maybe he's just hungry like Halle mentioned.

I thought - I can't believe Cheri is in the kennel with that thing, and then I heard Mark say Nick's name and I though - of course - Nick is much braver! :)

Glad you got it out! Hopefully he won't come back.