Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wedding bells are ringing!

Well over the weekend I got the best news! My dad is getting married!
We couldn't be happier about this news. He's marrying the sweetest lady- what a blessing that God brought her into his life! Her family is just as excited as we
are so I think it's great news all the way around!
We don't know when it's happening yet but we're assuming it's soon.
It's such a blessing because ever since mom died we worry about him being by himself and I think Ann's family probably felt the same about her after her husband died. They are so happy when they're together- it's just so cute to see them acting all young and in love!
I guess Arianna was right when she asked after our Christmas celebration if she was getting a new grandma and we couldn't be happier!


Mari said...

You beat me to it! This great news will be on my blog too.

Terri said...

It's also going on my blog!

Laura said...

Hey! I was sworn to complete secrecy and now everyone is putting it on the world wide web!!?? How is that fair!