Friday, June 01, 2007

Arianna's prayer

Last night Halle and Nick were outside playing and it was just me and Arianna inside.
Arianna came up to me and asked me to pray with her. I prayed first and then she started. Her prayer went like this:
Dear God,
Thank you for my family- Thank you for giving me a mom and a dad and a brother and a sister and that I'm not all alone anymore" She went on to pray about other things too but it was such a sweet tender moment, I had to hold back the tears.

Today she is very excited because it's class trip time. Mark is very excited also- because he's going along. I know they will have a good time once things get started. I just hope it's not too hot while they're at the park. I'll be thinking often of them while I'm in air conditioning! hee hee!

Last night we had Andy's graduation- I'm very proud of him- Way to go Andy!!
Today Nick is also at his class trip- we'll just say it's at a amusement park- I hope he has a great time and the weather cooperates!
I think that's it for today- have a great weekend!


Mari said...

That is so sweet! Remember this the next time she frustrates you!

Laura said...

What a cutie!

I hope they all have fun on their trips!

Terri said...

At least it's not raining so far. Mark is a good dad, going with Anna to this. Isn't it wonderful that the kids LOVE their dads?

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet.