Friday, June 22, 2007

Laundry problem

So I'm doing laundry- I've got a couple loads done already and then I go to put my last load in the dryer. I open up my washing machine and start pulling the clothes out and this is what I find:

At first I'm thinking what is that all over those shorts and then I get to Halle's dress and I knew what it was!
It's enough that I have to check all the kids pockets for everything and now apparently I have to check Mark's pockets as well. You see he had just asked if any of us had seen his good work pen. Well now I can tell him exactly where it is- all over his shorts and Halle's dress.
I've tried hairspray- anyone got any great ideas on how to get ink out of clothes???


utmommy said...

So sorry. We had crayons go through a load of whites, and everything was ruined. It was awful.

Laura said...

Sorry - that's a bummer. I always have to check Aaron's pockets for pens, magnets, wrenches, assorted nuts and bolts, fruit snack wrappers and more. I don't know what would take that out.

Mari said...

What a pain! I'm glad it was Mark and not one of the kids. All I've ever had luck with is hairspray. I'm told you have to use the old fashioned kind - like aqua net. Apparently the newer brands don't have whatever works in them. The benefit to that is the old types are cheaper. I got ink out of a white uniform that I had even had in the dryer using it. Good luck.

JillAnneMarie said...

Hi! I was just clicking on Tag links and came across your blog. I wish I had seen this earlier. I have a journal that I post cleaning tips, recipes and home remedies in. My last cleaning tip involved ink stains. However, I usually do this before I wash the item. I've found that alcohol works wonders on ink stains. You could try it, but if it has already been put through the dryer I can't guarantee that it will work.
Here is my journal link if you'd like to check it out.