Tuesday, January 09, 2007


We have a rule at our house that the kids may not go on the computer before school. I know that probably sounds ridiculous because why would kids already be on the computer that early in the morning. I don't know where they would see that action displayed- it couldn't possibly be me!! Well, I had to start that rule because lots of stuff was getting done on the computer, but nothing was getting done for getting ready for school like for example, brushing teeth, combing hair, going to the bathroom etc....
This rule has been in place since last year so it's nothing new to the kids. Well, Arianna got a webkinz in Shipshewana and it's been taking over her body. If I don't see her, I know where she will be. Now, I understand this addiction when you first get your webkinz but this morning it caused some trouble.
She wasn't done getting ready and I didn't see her. Well off in a corner with my laptop, there she was- logging on to webkinz.
I stopped her and told her she knows that she's not allowed to be on the computer before school and she proceeds to have a melt down- "But I need to feed my golden retriever!" She then got even angrier and she got sent to the naughty chair.
I heard the whole- oh so familiar- "IT'S NOT FAIR!" over and over again.

So the punishment is no computer at all today. We had the whole talk about rules and that they are there to help us even when they don't make sense at the time- mom and dad know what we are talking about! (Shhh don't tell her that sometimes we don't!)
She was fine by the time we went to the bus- I was relieved because she is capable of holding on to her anger for quite awhile. I hope she is still in a good frame of mind when she comes off the bus!

On a different note- I really liked Boo Mama's post. Read it if you want a little laugh and a little inspiration!

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Laura said...

I am sure that it was not at all what it looked like and Arianna was not playing webkinz. I'm sure she was probably just trying to catch up on some homework, or do a little research before school. You shouldn't be so hard on her!