Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years

We got together with friends on New Years Eve. We always used to do Fondue but my stomach couldn't take it anymore so we tried something new this year. We got pizza kits and then got our own extras to make pizzas. The kids really liked it. I have to give credit where it's due- the guys made the pizza's and they turned out great! Seriously- my favorite pizza is at the Clover Restaurant and this tasted very similar.
It was wonderful! We decided next year to do french dips- that should be good too!
As the night progressed Mark and I found ourselves a little concerned with Brenda and Nate. It turns out they have a strange strange routine that they do between the 2 of them. All of a sudden as we were playing a card game they started "rhyming" words.
Well it must have been contagious because we got sucked into it as well and words were rhyming all around the table. It sounds ridiculous I know but we all had tears streaming down our faces and our stomachs hurt from laughing so hard. I promise you- there hadn't even been 1 drink of alcohol consumed by any of us!!!
We really did have fun- even though at 11:00 I was begging to just let me lay down on the floor for a little bit because I was so tired! How insane that it's that hard for me to stay awake till midnight- I even took a little nap in the afternoon but it didn't help. Getting old really stinks! Have a great 2007 everyone!

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Brenda said...

Sure let out family secrets out!!! Actually as stupid as it sounds it does get pretty funny at times. Usually it comes out when someone needs a really good laugh!!

I put the pizza pictures on my blog this morning so check them out!!!