Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Please consider helping!!

I've never done this before but this just really tugged at my heartstrings. Please go to Boo Mama's and you can read all about Kelly and what is happening in her life. I can't imagine the desperation that she must feel right now as she is struggling to get a transplant in order to LIVE!
Then add on the financial worries on top of that- it's a lot to handle. I am pushing the button to help and I pray that you will feel led to push it as well. I really want her to feel overwhelmed with God's incredible way of providing through incredibly surprising ways!

Just a side note- I made it through yesterday- it wasn't great by any means- but I made it through. When the dad came to pick them up- they were getting all their stuff together and were bickering like crazy. He looked at me and said- Wow- I bet you had a fun day today! I had to chuckle a bit- it wasn't just his kids- mine were bickering too! It was almost worth while though because Mark gave me a 40 minute back rub in the hot tub tonight- it was so relaxing- I almost feel asleep in the tub! Thank you so much- what a great hubby I have!


BooMama said...

Cheri - Thank you so, so much for posting this link - I am already overwhelmed by what God is doing. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Overwhelmed! said...

I felt the same way, Kelli's situation tugged at my heartstrings.

I love your blog design!

Laura said...

First of all - what were you doing up at 4:31 in the morning?!?
Second of all - thanks for letting us know! I'm excited to see what will happen! It's nice to be able to help, even if it's in a small way!

Anonymous said...

I did think of you today - why is it that you get snow days and don't want them and I don't get them and I would love to have them? Terri