Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Big news people... Big news

A big event happened at our house yesterday. We've waited 8 years for this and yesterday afternoon it finally happened.
Arianna came home off the bus and the excitement was pretty much bubbling out of her.

She pulled out her own tooth!!
Now she's lost teeth before, but it's always been a HUGE ordeal. It's always ended up with a very upset little girl who wants her tooth out but won't do it herself. She was determined this time that she was going to do it- not us.
Right before the end of the day at school she got up the courage and gave it a tug (now I use this word very liberally because her breathing should have gotten that tooth out- it was so loose!)
She gets to bring it back to school today because when they loose a tooth she gets a tooth necklace from her teacher but because they were packing up for the end of the day they didn't have time yesterday. I can't wait to see what the necklace looks like!
Good job Arianna- mommy and daddy are so very proud of you!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Anna. Good thing that tooth finally came out because I heard that your gums were pretty sore around it.
PS I think your hair looks cute - does she always wear it like that and I'm just forgetful? Terri

Anonymous said...

Yeah Anna! next time it will be easier - Aunt Mari

Laura said...

Wow! That is certainly a feat of fortitude and bravery! We're proud of you too! And I agree - her hair looks cute in that picture!