Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mack's big day

Mack had a busy day yesterday. While Mark and I were in the hot tub he looked very lonely so we let him out to run in the snow. He found a frisbee and decided to play catch. We would throw it and he would get it and keep bringing it back. He looked really cute because every time he would pick it up his nose would be full of snow.

After that he got the privilege of pulling the girls on the sled. They had so much fun (the girls- not so sure about Mack!) He's such a nice dog- we love you Mack!


Laura said...

Oh!! He's so cute looking in the hot tub! I wish the other pictures worked - I just see x's. He looks like he had fun!

Anonymous said...

I know the dogs love it when they get to run around. Lexi does too when Dave carries wood in. It's so funny to watch her - sometimes all you can see is a black head jumping through the snow. Terri