Friday, January 12, 2007


Well, I was going to post about something else today but then I read this post over at Shannons -the mama code post.
It really hit home with me. Now you see I've been very blessed with 2 groups of people that I can count on at any time. My family and then my friends. I'll post about my family at a different time. This one is for my friends.
1 of the friends I have known for years now- I met Brenda when we were in the adoption process for Arianna. We instantly bonded and there's been no looking back.
God has blessed me this year with getting to know 2 friends from church at a completely new level. We have all adopted and have quite a bit in common. It's these 3 friends that get together every Wednesday. It is so wonderful to have people that you know would do anything for you at any time and same for me. We can be completely honest with each other and we don't have to feel like our kids have to be perfect (because lets face it- they aren't- close but not quite!)
I really am so thankful that God brought you all into my life. Here's to friends- I'd raise a glass but all I can find right now is sippy cups!


Brenda said...

Ditto! Right back at you!

My life wouldn't be the same without having you in it!!

So I'll raise my sippy cup right back at ya!!!!

Michelle said...

It's a beautiful thing, what we got goin'! God is awesome. He knew we all needed to find each other! Here's to many more Wednesdays...