Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Well my kids are running around all excited about today. I on the other hand am not as excited. Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I just don't like all nasty costumes and spooky things that are associated with this day. We were never allowed to trick or treat when we were kids. I do let my kids trick or treat and it is fun to get them dressed up and see their excitement. Halle had her costume parade yesterday at school and Arianna has hers today. I will go trick or treating with my sister tonight and her kids. It makes for a busy day- as soon as Arianna gets off the bus we will take off.
I really want to limit a bit how much candy they get this year- every year they come home with this huge bag and then every time I turn around they are eating candy- not good!! We'll see how well I do limiting it this year. Wish me luck!!
I'll post pictures tomorrow of their costumes.

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