Monday, October 23, 2006

A great Saturday!

We went to Shipshewana with Nate and Brenda on Saturday. We just love to go down there and walk around the shops and then top it off by eating at the Essenhaus.
This was the best trip down there ever. The weather was perfect! We couldn't have asked for better weather.
We walked around the shops- I got a stocking stuffer for my mother in law and then we went to the Amish grocery store. We got cheese- yum! Mark got his frosting- he loves the frosting they make- he puts it on graham crackers for a snack. I know it's really healthy!! I wanted badly to get some of the ham for lunch meat because it's so cheap down there but it was too warm out. Next time I'm bringing a cooler.
Then Nate suggested just driving around the back roads. That was the best idea- I'm so so mad that I forgot my camera. We saw 4 horses pulling a harvester, all kinds of the little dwarf horses- sooo cute, the hay all bundled up into like tee pee shapes, there were so many pictures that I wanted. It was really neat- we will be doing that again next time.
We had just absolute belly laughs- we had to walk out of a furniture store (Brenda and I) because we were about to roar with laughter. The guys didn't hear it but there was a little boy sitting on top of his dads shoulders and all of a sudden he just let one go and it was loud. We couldn't contain ourselves. The worker at the store thought we were nuts I'm sure but it was so funny!
So, good times, good laughs, good food- who could ask for more!!!
Thanks so much Terri for watching the kids we really appreciate it.
PS- please pray for Nick. Tonight is the night that he goes before the consistory. I'm sure he'll be nervous. For that matter pray for me too- I'll be nervous too- also pray that I don't break into tears and embarrass him!!

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Laura said...

Tell Nick he doesn't need to worry. He'll do great. Plus, the elders are very nice and love him too! I can't wait to come see him in front of church!