Thursday, October 26, 2006

Roller Skating Party

Last night we took our whole Wednesday Night church group roller skating. We had a really good time. It was fun to see the little kids trying to skate for the first time. It was pretty amazing how fast some of them picked it up. I even put skates on and went around a couple of times. It's equally amazing how fast you can lose the skill of skating. It wasn't pretty or graceful but I did it and I didn't fall. The picture of Mari and Heather just stading at the wall was the dissapointing part of the night. They didn't even try to skate! I think they owed it to the kids to try but no -they just stood there at the wall trying to get blackmail pictures of me!The picture of Halle at the end laying down was at the end of the night and Frankly that's what I felt like doing to!

This is Halle just getting the hang of standing up- in her words "This is pretty tricky!"

This is Arianna doing the Hokey Pokey- Shake it all about!
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Laura said...

Awww those are cute pictures!! I would agree though - that is very disappointing about Mom and Heather. I would even have to question their roles as leaders when they display such poor attitudes. The poor kids are probably having questions in their minds now about if they can really trust these two leaders they used to look up to.

Anonymous said...

I guess I must defend myself. I was out on the floor helping kids skate. However - if I had had skates on we would all have been on the floor and with my clutzy tendencies I would have injured myself! We did have fun though. My highlight was helping a kid on skates use the bathroom! Imagine trying to hold up a kid who can't even stand up while she tries to get her pants down!