Friday, October 06, 2006

The decluttered refrigerator

Well the other night Mark, Nick and I were sitting in the living room happily watching Dancing with the Stars- I love that show!! Arianna was in bed and I know you'll all be very shocked by this-- Halle was on about her 6th wind, running around, not a tired bone in her body! She started playing with the magnets on the refrigerator. I thought great- that should entertain her for awhile. Now you have to picture my refrigerator- if you're a mom of kids in school you can just look at your own and it will probably be similar. School lunch menus, soccer schedules, school events calendars, etc.....
She was busy for quite awhile- I went in to check on her and this is what I saw!

Now this is where it gets interesting. At first I was like wow Halle- you really cleaned off mommy's refrigerator! Then it hit me- WHERE IS EVERYTHING!
Now you have to picture me looking around the room in slow motion because that's what it felt like! When I finally got to the other side of the kitchen- this is what I found!

Oh my word- I didn't realize I had collected so many magnets- where do these things come from- I swear they are multiplying all by themselves. You'll be happy to know that I got rid of quite a few and my refrigerator looks a lot less cluttered.
If only she was as worried about her room and she was my refrigerator! Posted by Picasa


Laura said...

That is so funny!! I can just picture you thinking where is everything? And then seeing the dishwasher - she is a very creative one!

Brenda said...

LOL! Halle's a great kid!!!

I wish I could have saw the look of suprise on your face when you realized that your stuff was gone!!!
I think I should have her come help me with mine!!!!

Mom2fur said...

Hey, I think that dishwasher looks pretty organized! Your daughter did a great job lining up the magnets.