Monday, October 09, 2006

Friday's can just be too much!

What a Friday Halle had. I always get together with Terri and Shaelyn on Fridays and usually Grandpa stops over to see us (ok- truthfully it's to see the kids we just happen to be there!) After the visit he said goodbye and I come around the corner and this is what I see. Too cute! I quick grabbed the camera to get the shot.

Shaelyn ended up staying all afternoon and they played so nicely. Not one argument and they played outside almost all afternoon. They were very busy swinging and making pies in the sandbox. The sun was in their eyes- sorry this isn't a great shot.

Now you know it takes a lot to wear out Halle. I thought that with all that fresh air surely she would be exhausted and go to bed early. No she went at her normal time. However the fresh air must have a delayed response to her because this is what I found at 6:00 Saturday and she never woke up until 7:00 Sunday morning to get ready for church. Maybe she just needs to get more comfortable in her bed and she would fall asleep. I'm sure this position would go over extremely well with Arianna since they have bunk beds and Halle is on the bottom- Can't you just hear it now- I sure can!!!!
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Terri said...

It's a little unfair. I think Shaelyn played just as hard and she did not go to bed any earlier either of the nights!

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture of Grandpa and the girls! Mari