Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Third Day concert

The Third Day Concert was last Thursday and I'm still gushing about it.
What an amazing night that was.
I'll just start with our seats- we were row 10! I felt like I was right next to them.
That's why I was just sick about not bringing my camera. I was sure they wouldn't allow them in and they never even checked. Thank goodness Diane brought hers. The concert had Hyperstatic Union, The David Crowder Band and Third Day. They all were very good. I was really impressed with David Crowder. I didn't think I would know his music, but I knew a lot of his songs, He does a lot of praise and worship music. He's also very funny.
I had never been to a Third Day Concert so I really didn't know what to expect. I truly can't say enough about it. The day after got even better.
The concert was 3 hours long and we ( and the whole auditorium) stood the entire time except for 1 song where I wanted to just pray so I knelt down. Yes my feet got sore but it didn't matter.
One of the things that I just loved was that our group was all in their thirties. The auditorium was filled with people our age, some younger and some older. We were jumping up and down praising the Lord and it didn't matter that you might have looked stupid. It just didn't matter! You could really tell that they believe what they sing, the joy on their faces was very evident and real.
What a show they put on. The next time they come to town- I won't miss it!! What an incredible, awesome, moving experience. Third Day Rocks!!!!!

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