Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well another trick or treating is done. The weather was cold but it wasn't raining!
It won't be my fondest memories of trick or treating because one of my children (who shall remain nameless) was acting quite "goulish." The last picture should give away who the little goblin was.
This child was wanting to take a nap at 4:30 right when we were leaving and I thought she would fall asleep in the van on the way to Terri's house. She didn't and oh how I wish she would have! As soon as we got to our destination to start the whining started. Her hands were to hot to be in the gloves, her legs were tired etc..
Then came the problem with all 3 of the little girls- who gets to ring the doorbell!
You can all see the vital importance of ringing the doorbell! We tried taking turns but the problem was that is was starting to get busy and now people were waiting by the doors to hand out candy so you didn't need to ring the bell. All 3 of them took turns whining about that.
I said I wanted to limit the candy intake this year- I did pretty well. I only did the main path- there were paths that went off and Terri continued on with those- I called it enough. It wasn't just that I had had enough of whiny behavior- I really don't want all that candy haunting me for months to come.
The little goblin was sleeping before we even turned on to the main road to head home
and slept peacefully the rest of the night!
I think next year it will be Mark's turn to take them trick or treating!!
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Laura said...

Now... that face is so peaceful. I certainly can't believe any goblin-like behavior could come from that... :)
They both look very cute. Where was Nick?

Anonymous said...

Too Cute!!