Monday, October 30, 2006

The Shack- The disturbing event

As I've stated- we had a great time. However- there was a very troubling event that happened on the last day- Sunday no less!!
We went out for a walk and when I got back Mark says to me- Cheri look at the top of your van! Well much to my dismay this is what I saw:

Now If you can't tell what that is let me bring it a little closer for you:

Yes it is a squirell! Not just any squirell- but a DEAD SQUIRELL!!!
You see this squirell was along a path and we had seen him earlier in the weekend.
Somehow this animal ended up on top of my vehicle- Isn't that the strangest thing!???!
I can not even begin to fathom the kind of mental disturbance that must be happening in some member of my family to put that on top of my vehicle- not to mention the psychological scars that has been afflicted on my girls. Halle thought we were going to bring him home.
I would be VERY VERY afraid if you are the perpetrator. I'll just tell you that my mind has not quit since it happened and the ideas I have come up with well lets just say they are NUTS!!!!! (get it?? squirell- nuts)
It really was very funny and we all got a huge laugh out of it- just one of the many laughs we had this weekend- Thanks Grandpa for the wonderful time!! Posted by Picasa


Laura said...

That is a very odd situation indeed. I thought I had heard that animals usually go to secluded places to die, so it'd interesting that this squirrel would instead pick such a blatently open spot to die in. Maybe he isn't really dead though, it could be that he crawled up there and the freezing cold win froze him right to the rack. Maybe you should have taken him in and used a blow dryer and towel to get him all warmed up again!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Laura! I think Cheri is extremely suspicious - maybe even a little paranoid? I guess that is just how her mind works and she doesn't understand that innocent people like you and Aaron would never even think of doing something like that! Mari

Terri said...

I really just thought that the squirrel was just looking for a good home. I thought you were a very loving family - you don't have any indoor pets and I truly believe you could have provided a warm and loving atmosphere for this poor, cold and lonely "big mouse"

Anonymous said...

Very I found a dead frog in my van yesterday. Not a happy day.