Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Noah's Ark

This past Wednesday night at church we had a group activity and we went out behind church to the field and we got to set up the outline of Noah's Ark.
The kids got to measure out 450 feet long in the field and 75 feet wide and we pounded in
stakes and then tied rope around the edges so the kids could get a feel for how big the ark was. We also had a fire truck come in and raise it's ladder to 45 feet high in the air. It was really neat to see how big it really was! I think the kids really enjoyed it. Sorry the pictures aren't great- it got dark and I didn't have my camera so these are from another teacher- but it gives you a little idea. On the 2nd picture Arianna is in the purple coat pounding in the stake.

On a side note- Nick did great last night. We were so proud of him. His youth pastor said some very kind words about him and how he has touched a lot of lives at church. It just melted my heart. What a gift he is to us and we are so thankful God blessed our lives with him.
The big day will be coming up on November 19. I can't wait!

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Laura said...

Wow - that is a really cool idea! The kids must have been amazed - I'm amazed. It's even more amazing to think that he did it by himself without modern technology! No wonder it took so long. It's weird because it almost starts to seem small thought when you think of all the huge animals that were crammed in it! Thanks for sharing that.