Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Works for me Wednesday

This weeks idea is kind of a simple one. I asked for this kids art easle for Arianna for Christmas last year. She loves to draw so it was a perfect gift for her.
It however has really benefited me as well. We use it to practice spelling words every day. I used to get so sick of trying to find scrap paper because I didn't want to waste my copy paper for spelling words. She loves it because she can use different colors etc... to practice her words and then you just erase and work on it again the next day.
It definately works for me.
Shannon has some more great ideas if you want to check it out!


Lines From The Vine said...

They work great for school work!

We have even done Greek and Latin lessons on ours at home!


Amber said...

My kids love their easle too.....its awesome!