Friday, October 13, 2006

the Critter Barn

Yesterday was the day for Halle to go to the Critter Barn with her class. This is a field trip that Mark always goes on with the kids so he met them there. The weather was not cooperative at all so they didn't do the outdoor activities. The saw a baby bunny, cats, chickens, and lots of other animals. Mark and Halle both had lots of fun. Mark went to put on his coat later after he came home and I came to the stairs and asked him if that happened to be the coat he wore to the barn. Yes he says- why can you smell it? Oh yeah could I smell it!! That coat will be washed pronto!
On a different note- I will tell you all about the Third Day concert in a day or 2. I didn't bring my camera because I didn't think they'd be allowed in. I was wrong. No one checked anything. I was sick about it. One of the other ladies did take her camera and she is going to email me a couple of pictures. When I get those, I will post on it.
I'll just say this-----THIRD DAY ROCKS!!!!!!!

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Laura said...

Awww!! Cute little animals! And Halle is cute too of course!

Anonymous said...

I remember going to this field trip with Andy. They didn't do it when the girls were in school. It was one of the best field trips I went on. Halle looks like she is enjoying herself. Mari