Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I've been tagged

I've been tagged to do this meme. I loved the questions for this one so I'm going to do it.

1. Favorite memory of my mom: Well since my mom has been gone now for a couple of years any memory of her is special. I'd have to say the best memories I have of her were our Saturdays that we would always spend together. Every Saturday was grocery day and my mom and Terri and I would always leave in the morning. We would run all the errands and then go out for lunch. After lunch quite often we would go shopping- nothing particular just shopping. We quite often wouldn't get home until afternoon. I absolutely loved my Saturdays they were great times spent together!

2. Favorite memory of my dad: My dad is so special- what an incredible father he is.
If I have to pick one memory it would be when I was very little- maybe 4- the two of us sitting on the steps and him teaching me how to tie my shoes. He was very patient and just kept going over the bunny ears time and time again until I figured it out.

3. Favorite memory of 1 of my siblings: Man, this one is hard! I don't know if I can break it down to only 1, but for 1 of my favorite memories it would be going on a cruise with Terri. Oh the adventures we had! What a great time though!

4. A skill that I would love to wake up tomorrow and be able to do:
I would love to be able to decorate beautiful fancy cakes. I've always been fascinated by those incredible cakes that designers can make. I'm afraid though if I figure out how to bake them, I would have to eat them as well!

5. 1 of my dreams that have come true! I know this sounds cliche but it would have to be my children. For some reason I have always been afraid that I wouldn't be able to have children. Looking back, I guess I was right! Being a mom is such a gift and I'm so thankful God trusted me to do this very important job with my 3 blessings!

Now that I've done mine- add yours to the comments- I would love to hear them:
PS- Julie and Brenda- consider yourselves tagged!


Anonymous said...

1. Favorite memory of Mom - I take after my Mom in the aspect that she always liked to stay up late at night and I do too. When I was in High School, she would let me stay up with her after everyone else went to bed. We often watched Hogans Heroes together and talked about everything. I miss being able to talk to her about what's going on in my life now.
2. Favorite memory of Dad - my Dad has always been a great Dad. I remember when he was farming and one or two of us kids would bring a snack out to him if he was working in the fields. He would get off the tractor and we would eat the snack together, then we might get a ride on the tractor before we walked back home. We would also go to meet him sometimes after he finished milking at night and walk home with us. He always seemed to enjoy spending time with us, even though I'm sure we slowed him down sometimes!
3. Favorite memory of my siblings - This is hard because I have 2 great sisters and a great brother. I have a lot of memories of playing outside and in the barn with Duane when we were little. I remember Dad letting us take over a small shed that we cleaned out and played house in. We had a lot of fun in there! I have lots of fun memories of Terri and Cheri when we've gone shopping for the day and all the laughing we do when we're together!
4. Something I would love to be able to do - I wish I could draw. I'm jealous of people who are artistic, because i have a hard time with stick people!
5. One of my dreams come true - I'm with Cheri here - I always wanted to be married and have kids. I'm so blessed by my husband and children.
This is a great thing - it's fun to think about these memories - Mari

Brenda said...

Favorite memory of Mom: When ever I would have to go the orthodontist my mom would pick me up from school take me to my appointment and then we would go get pizza and spend the rest of the day shopping and I could skip school for the rest of the day!! I so treasure those times.
Favorite memory of Dad:
My dad has always let me work with him when I need extra money and as I was growing up we would have the best talks with each other. I have always been able to discuss anything with my dad and at times I would even go to him first. He is such a great guy.
Favorite memory of my siblings: I only have one brother but growing up we were so close. When he was in his early twenties he would take me out for dinner and take me out to the movies and he was never embarrased to have me along for the night.
Something I would love to be able to do:
I too have always wanted to be able to bake those fancy cakes. They always look so pretty.
One of my dreams come true: I have such a wonderful husband and I never thought that I would have such cool kids!! I have had so many wonderful dreams come true I cannot just share one of them.

julie said...

My favorite memory of mom: when I was little she would take us to a movie in the theater once in a great while, (it was a super special thing), well for me it felt like the movie in the theater would last all day, when we would come out, I just couldn't believe it was still light outside and that we still had time to do other things that day. I remember feeling that way everytime we would go to the theater. Kind of dorky, but still a good memory of doing something special with mom.

Favorite memory of dad: My dad owns a trucking company and I remember sometimes he would take us down to the office when we were little and we would get to write on the dispatch pad and type on the add machine, and just play secretary at his desk!! It was super fun for us!!

favorite memory of 1 sibling: I have 2 sisters, but I would have to say, a good memory of one of them would be when me and Jenny would go down to the creek EVERY day in the summer and catch anything that moved, grasshoppers, frogs, little minnows, you know girly stuff!!! We had a great time!

A skill that I would love to wake up tomorrow and do: sing!!! I love to sing but its better if I'm the only one that hears it!!!

One of my dreams that have come true: to have a great hubby that loves me even when I'm unloveable, and that we were able to have 5 amazing kids!!!(sorry that's kind of 2 things)