Thursday, October 19, 2006

The day that is every parents dream

We had Wednesday night program at church last night. On the way home Nick says to me
"There's something on my mind that I want to talk with you about."
I said ok- what's up? He then told me that he wants to make profession of faith.
I know that he's been thinking about it for quite awhile now- but he wanted to wait until he knew he was ready and was doing it for the right reasons. I can't even explain the feeling you get as a parent when you hear that your child is ready to stand up and profess what he believes.We are so very proud of him!
I know I'll be very nervous when he goes before the elders because I know he'll be nervous but I know he will do just fine.
We love you Nick!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Nick! What a great decision. He'll do great and we will all be proud of him - Mari

Laura said...

Good for him! That's awesome! Let us know when it will be and we'd love to come. We're proud of him!

Terri said...

Good for you Nick. I know as a parent that you feel very proud of them.