Monday, November 19, 2007

The Concert

Last night we went to the concert: I'm going to try to put this into words- I don't know how successful I will be!
The concert consisted of 3 bands: Newworldson- Kutless- Newsboys

I had never heard of Newworldson before but we enjoyed them. They had a bit of a "funky" sound to their music. If I saw their cd I would probably get it. They were a great start to the show.

The next band was Kutless. I really liked "Strong Tower" and "Sea of Faces". They were good but unexpectedly my least favorite of the night.

Then came Newsboys! They were so incredibly good! We went to a Third Day concert last year and they blew me away but I have to say Newsboys were even better. Wow- what a show they put on!

Even though my better judgement is screaming for me not to post this (I hate myself in pictures)- here we are at the concert before it began. This is the only picture I got because it said no cameras. We didn't bring ours and then every other person had cameras- I was bummed so you'll have to deal with a camera phone picture- it's really bad quality!

This was a very powerful concert. We had outstanding music but I also love that he spoke TRUTH! He spoke about growing up as a ministers kids and always thinking he was a Christian but then realized it needed to be a personal relationship not just religion.
They had great effects also. My 2 favorite parts of the night were:

At the end they had a drum contest between the drummer and the lead singer. They had a walkway from the stage to the middle of the arena. At the end of the walkway they had a round platform. The drummer was on the stage and the lead singer walked down to the other round platform to another set of drums. They kept taking turns trying to "out drum" the other. Finally the lead singers platform rose up about 10-15 feet in the air. It made me a little nervous- I kept thinking don't move- you'll fall! Not to be out done the drummer's platform rose and then started spinning. Kind of like the "Tilt A Whirl" ride at the fair. I would have been sick but it was so cool!

My other favorite part of the night was when they (we) sang "Blessed Be the Name" That is one of my all time favorite songs. It was especially moving when after we sang it the band went almost quiet and the whole stadium sang it accapella- It was so beautiful to hear thousands of peoples voices singing His praises and worshipping him!

I did take a little souvenir along home with me- a pretty pounding headache but I didn't care- it was so worth it! What a great night- I strongly recommend this concert to anyone who has the opportunity!

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Mari said...

I'm so glad you had a good time. We went to a Kutless concert with the youth group a few years back and were disappointed also, but I have heard the Newsboys do the best concerts ever!

Laura said...

I'm glad you had a great time at the concert. I saw Newsboys a long time ago at Aquire the Fire and they had that twirling drum stand and it was pretty cool.

I'm bummed that Kutless was disappointing because I like them a lot better than Newsboys, but I guess that everyone is different in concert.

I'm glad you had fun though!

Jennifer said...

So did you get anything for Nick like a t-shirt or something for being such a great kid?

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you had a good time. I've seen Newsboys many times in concert and my favorite parts are exactly the same as yours! I love the drum's just amazing! And Blessed Be is one of my favorite songs, so I took a video of them singing it! They told us too that we weren't allowed cameras, but it turned out that it was only professional style cameras that weren't allowed! :)

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

We did get Nick something but I'm not going to say what here because it's going in his stocking for Christmas.

Heather's Brain said...

my eldest son and my dearest friend Karolee were at Aquire the Fire this past weekend and saw one of the Newsboys that has gone out on his own. They both said he was their favorite of the night. He knew how to perform unlike the others there.

Concerts are great, expecially with a REAL message. Glad you went, and even MORE GLAD you shared!

Heather's Brain said...
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A Stone Gatherer said...

Glad to hear you guys made it to the concert! It sounds like it was great! Tell Anna she did a great job yesterday! I really appreicated and was grateful for their participation and heart.

Terri said...

Glad you had a good time - in spite of the headache. Must be because we aren't used to such loud levels of noise at home!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Why didn't you call us to go with you? Then again, maybe I don't need a headache. Glad you have a great time.

I think the picture is just too cute :o)

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Just looked down and say that I missed your last post. What an awesome son. Sounds like you have done a great job with this one...he's a keeper for sure!!

Nancy said...

I haven't been to a concert in years, the think the last one was a gaither's homecoming when they came to G.R. years ago.
I am trying to be more open to some of the newer groups and the newer styles. Glad you had fun.

Bonnie said...

I saw Newsboys in concert about 14 years ago !?! Can it really be that long ago, she says to herself ? Uh, yeah ... it sure can !! Last year we saw Third Day as well. I LOOOOOOVED the Third Day concert ! If Newsboys come to Australia, I'll have to see if we can go ! When I saw them, they had a different lead singer.

Lori4squaremom said...

Cheri, I'm not much of a loud music person, so I let my teenage daughter go to concerts with my hubby. This past spring they saw Newsboys here in our local community (I don't remember who they were playing with though)....anyhow, this was the 2nd time my honey had seen Newsboys, the first time was 10 days before our now teenage daughter was born in 1993. Both Newsboys concerts are reported to be the best shows he's seen for Christian bands. He says that the Newsboys really give a very well rounded show.......they did the drum challenge here too. My daughter was very impressed and told my 10 year old daughter the next day that they need to form a band and that the 10 year old needs to learn to play drums (she is a spunky one, and definitely has the best rhythm of all of the kids...AND me!)

and Happy Thanksgiving.