Sunday, November 25, 2007

8 Random Facts Meme

Nancy tagged me to do this meme. You list 8 random facts and then tag 8 people. It's an easy one so thought I'd do it!

-I'm the youngest of 4 kids
-I hate summer- love fall and spring and the beginning of winter!
-My favorite food is mashed potatoes
-My son will be taking drivers training in the spring- help me please
-My favorite Holiday is Christmas
-I like to play around with photography
-I'm 38- almost the dreaded 40!
-I hate my middle name

There you have it-8 random facts. I'm tagging the following people:

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Mari said...

Guess what - I knew all those facts! I even know the dreaded middle name!
PS - you stole some of my people because you beat me to posting this!

Anonymous said...

You really want to know more things about me? Ahhh, time to put the thinking cap on...

I thought Terri was the youngest. See, I'm learning more about you all the time.

Drove by Camille's last night and thought about you three. I'm planning on a meeting come January!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Ah, the dreaded 40 ain't all that bad!

Diane said...

You're young yet!!

Oh, and good luck with the whole driver's ed thing!! Logan took it this past year and is driving with his permit now! (I haven't been in the car yet when he's driving - call me chicken or whatever but my husband has been doing just fine with all of that-thank you!)

Laura said...

That was fun huh? Although I knew a lot of that about you too! And also - I like your Christmas self on your sidebar! Cute!

Terri said...

I knew these things about you. SHOCKING - huh? I'll be doing this too. Nancy tagged me and it's kind of a fun one!

Anonymous said...

hey- i like your middle name, want to trade since i hate mine?

Karen said...

I loved your 8. Oh 40 is pretty good, I was pleasantly surprised (I turned 40 in August), it's actually super cool. I'm sure you'll love it too.

Neenish tarts - wonderful naughty is a link about them

LeslieW. said...

Did you like having 3 siblings? I think I want four kids but I only had one sibling and I'm not sure what it will be like. Also How may years were you apart, I'm having a tough time deciding when the next one should be!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

My favorite food is Mashed potatoes too! That is too funny. The exception is no peels left on them like in some restaurants. No peels.
Much love,