Monday, March 12, 2007

Youth Retreat

Mark had the youth retreat this weekend. He said it went really well and they had a lot of fun. He was pretty sore and tired when he got home. One of the games was called "Flesh Wound"- sounds like a great game for a youth retreat for church doesn't it??!? Anyways- I think he's going to have a big ol' bruise tomorrow!
They went sliding and he got some great shots:
This would be a professional sledder-

Oh actually I was wrong- it's just Andy doing a face plant!

This would be Steve- a good youth leader willing to take the pain-

This would be Julie- apparantly wimping out and "supervising" the activity! Hee Hee

Now I realize there are not pictures of Mark sledding either but you have to take into account his age- he's getting up there and is quite fragile so he decided to take on the job of photographer!
Looks like they had a great time!


Laura said...

Those are great pictures! I love the one of Andy! That is a dangerous hill! You should ask my mom what happened to Shannon (a girl I was in youth group with when I was that age). My mom had to use her nursing abilities when she was a youth leader after Shannon skidded down the hill on her face. Not a good thing...

julie said...

Yes, I wimped out on the HUGE jump for fear I would end up in a full body cast, but in my defense, I DID go down a few times BEFORE the jump became absolutely insane. julie - the "not-so-brave" youth leader!

Anonymous said...

great pictures! I think I need a copy. I don't blame Julie for "wimping out" - I always just supervised too! Mari

Anonymous said...