Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A proud mama moment

We listen to a lot of country music and apparently Halle is really learning a lot of the words to these songs. The other day I hear Halle muttering something and all of a sudden I realized what she said. It's always a proud moment when you hear your 5 year old say - "I'm going to sit right here and have another beer in Mexico"
Oh did my heart soar!!!!!
I did tell her that we needed to fix the words to that song because beer isn't a good thing so now the words are- I'm going to sit right here and have another rootbeer in Mexico.
I'm just hoping it doesn't get repeated the old way in front of... oh maybe Grandpa for instance!!


Laura said...

Uh-huh. That is just one more reason you shouldn't listen to country music!

Anonymous said...

Country music is great although, yes sometimes the words can be a little frightening for the kids. I totally understand the fear of it being said in front of Grandpa!! I guess I'll have to teach Shaelyn about rootbeer too. Terri

Anonymous said...

that is funny, unlike laura i still think country rocks!! it has Christian songs too!