Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm back!!!!

Well I'm back after a week off and while I was gone this is what I was dealing with:

Snow and more snow!
Click on the pictures to enlarge them because trust me they don't do justice to what it was really like!
This is the back yard and Mark trying to dig his way to Mack's kennel

This is our drive way and you can see in the next picture how much snow was in the driveway! It was over the top of the snow blower. I heard we had 12 inches of snow and with the blizzard type winds the drifts got up to 3 feet.

I am counting the days till spring. I am really ready for Monday- they say the temps are going to be about 50! I can't wait!
I do have some more things to blog about so hopefully the break did my brain some good and I can resume my faithful blogging!


Anonymous said...

that is hilarious. i can't believe how deep the snow was for you. we didn't get that much here. terri

Anonymous said...

That looks like our back yard - Bob had to plow a path so he could get to his workshop! I brought Heather to work on saturday and was amazed I didn't get stuck in the driveway. We had a drift that went halfway up the van and I am not exaggerating! I'm glad warm weather is on the way - Mari

Laura said...

Wow!! I don't think we had that much here. Maybe it's because we have more houses closer to us so we're not quite as much in the open. I'm with you - I'm ready for the snow to go away!