Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Father Daughter Bowling

On Saturday the girls had the schools yearly father daughter bowling day. They had a lot of fun. Mark said it was funny because Arianna was very concerned with her bowling form and Halle would just throw the ball down the row and crouch down and watch it until it got there.
They ended up bowling next to Mike Knoper and Emily and Lisa who are friends of ours and the girls so that was nice not to be next to a stranger.
I'm glad the school does this outing- it's a good time for everyone!
The score sheet has Arianna first then Halle then Mark.

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Laura said...

I can't believe how long Halle's hair is getting! I didn't notice before. It looks so cute! Isn't it funny how their personalities are so different. It doesn't surprise me that Anna want to do hers right and Halle just wants to have fun!