Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring has officially sprung!

And with that comes...... Allergies!
All of a sudden yesterday it hit with a vengeance! I got a call yesterday that my daycare boy had the flu and since he slept in my bed the day before I stripped all my bedding and washed them. Now I know you're not supposed to hang your clothes outside to dry if you have allergies but this was first thing in the morning and I was ok yet so I decided to hang my sheets out because I love that fresh smell.
As the day went on my allergies hit big time and by night it had been a long day.
When I went to bed it got worse. I was even having a hard time getting a normal breath. Then it hit me- the sheets and I'm breathing right into them because I sleep on my tummy.
Oh it was a very long night.
Today the sheets will be washed again and put in the dryer- thank you very much!
I called in my allergy meds- hopefully that helps!


Laura said...

OH. I'm so sorry for you! Those are terrible. It's so miserable to feel like that! For some reason mine are not nearly as bad as they were when I was younger. I feel for you!

Anonymous said...

Me too! I was sniffing and sneezing yesterday. I was enjoying the weather, but I did think - here we go with allergies again! Mari