Thursday, March 29, 2007

Let the party begin!

We had our last Wednesday night at church for the season last night. It is a relief to be done but I agree with Mari- the last 3 weeks weren't nearly as bad (because the horrible sisters didn't come) so it's not quite as much of a celebration as it would have been earlier in the year. Then I would have been hanging streamers, inviting 50 of my closest friends and perhaps even indulging in an alcoholic beverage (and I don't drink so you get the idea!)
Last night it was more of coming home, getting the girls in bed and I plopped in my chair and let out a sigh and said to Mark- Yes, it's done!
Next week will be so nice to not have to fly around on Wednesday and just have a normal night at home.
Today is the kids last day before spring break. I'm looking forward to sleeping in a little bit tomorrow morning. I'm also praying the kids get along next week- I'll have to have a chore list made up and waiting in case the "I'm bored" virus comes and inhabits my kids bodies!

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Laura said...

Glad your Wednesday's are done!

I remember that bored virus. I got it a lot! If you want some more chores to add to their list, send them my way - I've got weeds to pick, dishes to do, floors to sweep, a toilet to clean, and even some Sofie-poop to scoop! They'll never be bored again! :)