Monday, March 19, 2007

Scrapbooking Night

Well our scrapbooking night is over and now that it's Monday, I think I'm recovered.
I was still awake at 2 a.m. Saturday morning. I woke up when the kids woke up at 8- but I stayed in bed and dozed. At 8:30- this came into my bedroom for me!!

That was very sweet. Our scrapbooking night was interesting. There was a mistake on the assignment of tables- it's a long story- I'll just say when the other person got there she caused a BIG stir and we ended up moving twice to accommodate her.
I think I came to the conclusion that I prefer to scrapbook at church- I get more done and I don't spend as much $ when I can't just run into the store and grab stuff.
It was fun though and it got me going again and I really needed to get going before summer comes and along with summer comes lots and lots of pictures!
Here's a sampling of what I got done. The heat in the room caused my brain to shut down so I'm not thrilled with these pages, but at least they are done!!

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Laura said...

I agree - next time at church. Although I like the convenience of having supplies available, it was too hot and too crowded in there. I also think it's more laid back and church and we have time to look at each others pages. I didn't even hardly see anyone else's completed pages. Still fun though! And you know what - when I got home nothing was done - my husband is just worthless! (Just kidding - I just thought you might like to remember our good friend!)