Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Halle the artist

I thought it only fair to exhibit Halle's artistic ability as well so here is her latest rendition of our family.

It's good to know that Nick is apparently not as short as I thought since he's the same height as me.
I can't believe the changes in her drawing since she started school. Now our necks don't go through our head and they're in the middle of our heads which is a vast improvement from our heads hanging off our necks.
It's also very good that now we are clothed. Just so you know we are always clothed around here- you have to consider the source of the drawing. She would be the naked jaybird flying around our house and that is improving as well- much to my relief!
Also- this must be a picture of us at church during praise band- look at us with our hands all in the air and everything! Must have been a good song!


Anonymous said...

I wondered why your hands were all up in the air! She is a good artist too - Mari

Laura said...

Very cute! You certainly are very tall! It's funny how you see things when you're little! She's a good artist too.

Anonymous said...

i love it, she is amazing as well :)