Friday, September 15, 2006

Word Association

Let's play the Word Association game: Just answer the first thing that pops in your head:
Here are the words and my replies:

Rack- of lamb
Master- Chef
Lemon- meringue pie
Mirror- image
Seven- The age Arianna was 2 days ago
Talk- phone
Fall- pumpkins
Vacation- Hawaii
Favorite Hymn- It is well with my soul

I look forward to hearing your association responses too!


Laura said...

Rack - Deer
Master - Degree
Lemon - Pumpkin
Mirror - Black
Seven - Movie
Talk - Terri
Fall - Cider
Vacation - happiness
Favorite Hymn - Be Thou my Vision

Terri said...

Rack - Shelf
Master - Slave
Lemon - Meringue
Mirror - Mirror on the wall
Seven - dwarves
Talk - America
Fall - Cooler
Vacation - Leisure
Favorite Hymn - It is well with my Soul

Anonymous said...

Here are my responses! Mari
Rack - oven
Master - servant
Lemon - pie
mirror - image
seven - days in a week
talk - Terri
Fall - leaves
vacation - nature
Favorite Hymn - Just a closer walk with Thee

Anonymous said...

I just checked the other responses and found it interesting that Laura and I both associate talk with Terri. I swear I didn't see her answers before I wrote mine! Mari