Saturday, September 09, 2006


Arianna couldn't wait to start soccer. She played it at school and fell in love with it. Well the day finally came. She had her first game Saturday. We all went to cheer her on. I am a proud mama so bare with me! SHE DID AWESOME! WOOT WOOT!!
She drove that ball all the way down the field and she scored a goal!!
I have to say I am so impressed with her playing. I really didn't know what to expect but I think she has real talent with this! I even heard the other team talking about her and how good she was- I wanted to stand up and say Yes- that's MY daughter you're talking about!!
The game ended up being tied because of 2 silly mistakes by our goalie but that was a nice way to start the season with neither team feeling badly.
We got in the van and we were all telling her how good she did and she tells me "I told you I was good at soccer!"
Yes honey- you really are!!

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Anonymous said...

YEAH Anna!!! I'm glad she is enjoying this. Cute pictures. Mari

Laura said...

Way to go - you look great out there!