Monday, September 25, 2006

The day finally came!

Arianna has been counting down the days until her birthday party. Friday was the big day. I picked her and her friends up from school and we went to Build A Bear!
If anyone is trying to figure out a birthday party- I HIGHLY recommend this!
I told her she could take 5 friends and they charge $10 a child. I looked into other birthday parties- even doing it at my home and I couldn't do it for that price.
They did such a great job with the kids- they played games, told stories etc...
The kids just absolutely loved it! I was shocked with all the stuff they gave the kids- they came home with a bear and their bear house was stuffed with all the goodies they received! We came home and had pizza and cake and did a pinata and opened gifts. None of the kids wanted to go home ( I on the other hand was ready for them to go home!). Just to back track a little to explain: On the way to the mall my van was literally bouncing from all the movement in the back not to mention the noise level. We get there and the lady leading the party tells the kids; "You don't have to be quiet here- you can scream if you want to!" I about fell over thinking you don't know what you're saying!!!!! Anyway, the kids all had a great time!

Here they are being "bears" taking the bears to get stuffed.

They are getting the bears hearts ready to be put in the bears

The finished product!
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