Thursday, September 07, 2006

My baby went to school!

Yesterday was Halle's first day of school. She was so excited! We had a fog delay as you will be able to tell from the picture below. That didn't go over very well with her- she wanted to go to school and go now!. I did very well- I thought I would shed some tears but I didn't. It was very strange in the house all by myself. I kept thinking- I've got to check on Halle- it's way too quiet- and then I would realize that she was at school. I'll get used to it though. I cleaned the girls room and the living room and it actually stayed clean!!! Unbelievable!
She got off the bus and ran and gave me a huge hug- that was wonderful. When I asked her how school was she said "It was really great!"
I'm so glad and I hope the rest of the year is really great as well.

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