Friday, September 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Nick

All I can say is wow- to think that you are 14 just really blows me away!
14 years ago, I was in the hospital holding my first baby and I was speechless then too! I remember the Dr telling me that you were the cutest baby he'd every seen and I had to agree with him. I remember how very proud dad was of his boy! I don't think he slept at all that first night he was so excited. You were such a good baby and I'm so thankful that you're still a "good" kid! I'm so very proud of how you are growing up into such a caring person. I love that you stand up for the other kids when they are getting picked on. You know what is right and wrong and most of the time you make good choices. I love your kind heart, your fun personality (even though sometimes it scares me how much you are like your dad!!), the fact that you are growing in Christ and your desire to do so, the love you have for your sisters (some days more than others!),the respect you show to us and others and I could go on.
You are the best son I could imagine and you make us proud! I'm so thankful God blessed our lives with you,
We love you so very much,


Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birhtday Nick!
We love you - Aunt Mari

Terri said...

Happy Birthday Nick! Hope you're all having fun on vacation - Lucky buggers
Love you - from all of us

Brenda said...

Happy birthday Nick!!!

Hope you guys are having a fun vacation!!