Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Arianna's 1st day of school

Here's Arianna all ready to head off for school. She is so excited and can't wait to see her friends again. She's very excited to tell them about her birthday party coming up. She wanted to know if since she was in 2nd grade now if I would still be out at the bus stop like I have been every other year when she came home this afternoon. I told her of course! She told me she would have a big hug for me when she got home! It struck me a little when she got on that bus how fast the time is flying by. I still see her as a little girl but she's going to be 8! Not so little anymore! Good thing my age is staying the same and my kids are the only ones getting older- right??!?!?
Nick didn't want his picture taken- he's way way way to old for that!! He was a little anxious but I know he'll do fine as soon as he get there.

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