Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yeah- It's time for the fair!

The kids always look forward to the fair week. Well it finally arrived. We went today for the rides. The library offered a program that for every 90 minutes they read they got 1 free ride- up to 5. So today they got 5 rides and were thrilled.
I only got pictures of the girls because Nick went off with his cousins to do the rides for the big kids.
The girls had a blast! We go back tomorrow night because they also earned entrance into the grandstand so we'll get to see the offroad race. I can't wait- it's always a lot of fun.


When Halle got off this ride I asked her if it was fun and she gave me a classic reply:

That was fun mom but I screamed like a girl!

Well I'm glad honey because you are a girl!!!!!!!!!! Look at those faces- that says it all!
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Anonymous said...

Where is "works for me wednesday"? (Although the pictures of the kids are cuter than that would be)