Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday's Thanks

I have so much to be thankful for but today I'll list these:

For my health and my families health- I take that so for granted!

That my husband has a good job that is still intact after the company got bought out

That God continues to bless our family

That summer weather is almost done- I LOVE the fall

That school starts soon- I like having my kids home for the most part- but I'm getting pretty ready to get into the routine of school again

That I have been blessed with wonderful sisters who I can't imagine my life without(if that doesn't get a comment I don't know what will!)

That vacation went really well and we got the time to just slow down and enjoy each others company


Terri said...

I'll say "ditto" on the wonderful sisters. I have some pretty great ones myself. Along with my husband, kids and nieces and nephews!

Anonymous said...

Me too! My sisters are one of my greatest blessings - along with a whole great family. I know everyone isn't so blessed and I try not to take it for granted! Mari