Friday, August 11, 2006

The start of vacation

Well we had an interesting start to our vacation. Mark got home early from work so I was excited that we could leave on time! I had the vehicle all packed already so we all piled in and we started to get the DVD player ready for the trip. We plugged it in and it wouldn't turn on. Great! There's no way we're going for this distance without something to entertain the kids. So out we all pile and we start messing with the plug and everything we could think of. Finally I tried a different plug and it worked! So everyone piles back in and Mark asks me for his keys back (which I used to get back in the house) Much to my horror I realize they are sitting on the kitchen table, which is safely tucked inside a VERY locked up house! We start checking all the doors and everything is completely locked. After about 1/2 hr of messing around, I call a locksmith and run over to my sisters house to see if my wonderful niece would be willing to be at the house when they show up. She says yes- I say thank you so much- I really owe you- and head back over to the house. I get there and TADA- my wonderful husband has jimmied the door and we are back in buisness! Back in the vehicle we all pile and off we go! 1 hour later than we started. The trip here went smoothly- the kids did well and here's the pictures of what we did tonight.
I'll post more tomorrow with the days adventures- hopefully all the glitches are out now and the rest will be smooth sailing!

Arianna and Halle jumping in together

Nick swimming and being caught off guard by the camera- there's no where you're safe when I have blogging to do!

Halle playing with the hot tub bubbles:

I just love this one- This is how Halle gets all ready to jump in and make the biggest splash she can!

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